Subscription Costs:

   Adult (over age 12) = $50/month
   Child (up to age 12) = $33.33/month

Preventive Services Covered at 100%:

  • 2 regular prophy cleanings or periodontal maintenance cleanings per year.
  • 2 exams per year.
  • 1 set of check-up x-rays per year.
  • 1 panoramic x-ray every 3 years.
  • 2 fluoride treatments per year.

Discounts on Other Treatments:

  • 20% off all other treatments in our office.
  • 30% off more complex cleanings (scaling and root planning) or a third Perio Maintenance cleaning in one year.

Additional Benefits:

  • No maximum per year (unlike most insurance plans that stop discounts at $1500 spent per year).
  • No waiting for plan eligibility or roadblocks like missing tooth clauses.
  • No co-pay.
  • No deductibles, exclusions, or claim forms that insurance companies use to make your life complicated.
  • Our in-house dental discount plan offers a more affordable alternative to private insurance companies like Delta Dental, without sacrificing the quality of care you receive. By cutting out the middleman, we're able to pass the savings on to you, making it easier than ever to maintain your oral health without breaking the bank.
  • The total cost for one year of cleanings, radiographs, fluoride and exams without the plan would be $623 for adults and $450 for children.

Special Offers:

  • If you have two paying adults and more than 2 children, any additional children are half price.
  • You can add this plan after exhausting your insurance benefits for the year.

Please Note:

  • This plan is only valid for treatments performed in our office. It does not cover work done outside of the office, such as orthodontics or surgery.
  • This is not an insurance plan, but a discount subscription plan.


  • The plan does not cover certain cosmetic services and items available for purchase. Please ask front office about excluded services and items for more details.
  • Treatments performed in other offices are not included in the plan. All covered services must be provided by our office.
  • All benefits must be used within the fiscal year, or they will be forfeited.
  • Minimum Term and Cancellation Policy: The subscription has a minimum term of six months from the date of your last cleaning. During this time, cancellation is not permitted, and you will continue to be billed. After the minimum term, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that if you choose to cancel within the minimum term, your subscription will end on the last day before month 7, and you will not be billed for that month or any subsequent months, unless you decide to re-subscribe in the future. The subscription automatically renews each year, so if you wish to cancel, please notify us before the renewal date.
  • No refunds will be issued for previous months once a cancellation notice is given.


Subscription Costs:

   Adult (over age 12) $780 Billed annually (Equivalent of $65/mo)
   Child (up to age 12) $540, Billed annually (Equivalent of $45/mo)

Everything from Standard Plan (above), plus:

  • 1 free 4 pack of whitening per year.
  • 20% off in-house whitening.
  • 1 free Coco floss every 6 months w/ cleaning visit.
  • 1 free fluoride Toothpaste every 6 months w/ cleaning visit.
  • 5% off Botox.
  • Free sealants.
  • Free ortho consultation.
  • Enjoy an exclusive annual bonus session with our expert dental hygienist, dedicated to enhancing your oral health. This complimentary extra time focuses on a vital health consultation, where you'll learn about the significant impact of oral hygiene on reducing systemic inflammation. Discover how maintaining a healthy mouth can slow down aging, lower the risk of premature dementia, and decrease the likelihood of heart attacks. Let us guide you through effective strategies to minimize inflammation and promote overall wellness.